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The success and authenticity of your casino party depends in large part to the quality of the casino party equipment & gaming tables. Casino Fun Inc. uses only top quality casino party equipment & tables for all of our casino night events. We use quality casino layouts on all of our casino party tables.  Our chips are heavy 9.5 gram clay casino class chips (not the light plastic kind found at the store).  Some companies use a cheaper, home style version of the real thing.  All of our casino night equipment comes from the same casino equipment manufacturers used by real casinos.

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Players try to beat the dealer with the highest hand possible without going over 21 or busting. 2 card blackjacks pay double.

casino party blackjack in San Antonio


Players may make any number of wagers in this game. The easiest way to start is to bet the pass line with the shooter on the first roll. 7,11 win and 2,3,12 lose. Any other number becomes the point. The point must be rolled again before a 7 for the player to win. Many other betting options are available.

casino party craps in San Antonio


Game of little skill. Players must wager where the ball will land on the next spin. There are 38 spots 1-36, 0 and 00. 18 spots are red and 18 are black. 0 and 00 are green. Players may bet on one number, a group of numbers, red or black, odd or even. Payouts vary based on how many combinations the players bet. Up to 10 players can play this game at the same time.

casino party roulette in San Antonio

Texas Holdem

Community card game. Each player is dealt two cards facedown and then five community cards are dealt in the middle. Players try to make their best 5 card poker hand using any combination of the two cards in their hand and the five community cards. Game is played as follows: Two cards are dealt face down to each player. Players then decide whether to fold, check or bet. Three cards "The Flop" are dealt face up in the middle. Players again decide to fold, check or bet. A fourth card "The Turn" is dealt face up in the middle. Players again decide to fold, check or bet. A fifth card "The River" is dealt face up in the middle and play proceeds as before. Anyone who has not folded after the last round of betting will now have the option of showing their hand and possibly winning the pot. This is the most popular poker game in the world!

casino party blackjack in San Antonio

Let it Ride Poker

Players place 3 equal bets and receive 3 cards. 2 community cards are placed in the middle. Players are trying to make their best 5 card poker hand combining their 3 cards and 2 community cards in the middle. You are not competing against other players or the dealer. Community cards are flipped one at a time at which point players have the option of pulling back one of their bets or “Letting it Ride”! Payout is based on a 5 card poker hand . The higher the hand the better the payout. Payouts are listed the table layout.

casino party let it ride poker

3 Card Poker

Players start play either by placing an ante bet into a diamond-shaped betting area labeled "ante" or by placing a bet in a circle labeled "pair plus." (You can also make both bets, but it puts more of your bankroll into action.) You're then dealt three cards. There's no draw, and you're competing only with the dealer, who also gets three cards. If you've bet "pair plus," you have no further decisions to make. Your hand is either good enough to qualify for one of the bonus payments listed on the table layout or it isn't. If you've made the ante bet, you must decide, after looking at your cards, whether you want to match your ante bet with a second bet placed in a diamond-shaped area labeled “play”. If you do play, you win if your hand is better than the dealer's. If you hold a particularly strong hand, you get paid bonus payouts, listed on the table layout.

casino party 3 card poker

Chuck a Luck

Players bet on any number from 1 to 6.  The operator rolls the dice and pays out according to the numbers thrown and keeps all other stakes.  Some operators or gambling establishments only allow one bettor per number and spread the bets out. This game was very popular in the old west saloon days.
If a player's number comes up on one die they are paid at odds of 1 to 1 (evens).
If a player's number comes up on two dice they are paid at odds of 2 to 1.
If a player's number comes up on all three dice they are paid at odds of 3 to 1.

casino party chuck a luck

casino party chuck a luck cage


Slot Machines


casino party slot machines in San Antonio

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